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hey, i’m nikhil, but some know me as niknaps. i design software for a living and i write for fun. here’s a link to the rss feed for this blog.

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After growing up in a house with a lot of rules and spending little time outside of it, I found myself loving the idea of not having commitments. Without commitments, any chunk of time is for whatever I want. My whims can choose where the time goes. Not anyone else, except for me. Even as I work a full-time job, I wonder what it would be like to find a more autonomous gig, where I wouldn’t even be bound by location or 9-5 expectations.
I spent a lot of summers listening to deeply depressing music by Sufjan Stevens, Frank Ocean, and The Antlers, among others. For the brightest months of the year, I would be buried under a cloud of sad. Eventually, I graduated high school, and started to find more joy in my summers (I made some friends!). Classic summer music suddenly was more appealing than ever, and I got into the habit of making summer playlists to announce my love of the sound.
This month, most of my friends still in school graduated, making me realize that it’s been over a year since I got out. What a strange thing. After graduation, I spent 6 weeks at home: job searching, job acquiring, and then packing to uproot my life and move across the country to a city where I barely knew anyone. As I thought about the unknown world on the Left Coast, I decided to try and use Twitter to avoid feeling too isolated in my new life.
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