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hey, i’m nikhil, but some know me as niknaps. i design software for a living and i write for fun. here’s a link to the rss feed for this blog.

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This month, most of my friends still in school graduated, making me realize that it’s been over a year since I got out. What a strange thing. After graduation, I spent 6 weeks at home: job searching, job acquiring, and then packing to uproot my life and move across the country to a city where I barely knew anyone. As I thought about the unknown world on the Left Coast, I decided to try and use Twitter to avoid feeling too isolated in my new life.
Apr 28, 2020
I used to read a lot of fantasy books and would love to get lost in the lore. I loved to learn about the edges of each world, just beyond the main story. Like yes, I would love to learn more about the random village hundreds of miles away from the objective of this book. Books with maps like the Inheritance series or the Merlin Saga were a delight! I would love flipping to the map just to trace out the journey of the characters, and try to figure out where they would go next.
This weekend, KT and I spent some time just vibing in Ableton, thanks to their extended free trial for the time of COVID-19. With the software and a MIDI keyboard borrowed from the ever-gracious AIR APPARENT (my much more musical brother), we were ready to BUILD. We focused on recreating some songs from scratch: first MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and Ivy Lab’s “Jet Lag.” Being able to learn how to use the tools without having to also generate new tunes made the big scary app seem more accessible.
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