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There’s a weeklong #1000wordsofsummer challenge happening. Usually, these challenges are 14 days long, which feels impossible to even attempt. But seven days seems doable, especially since I have so few other responsibilities these days. In all honesty, I’m not doing great. 23 hasn’t really been the most fun so far. I feel somewhat like the world feels: unstable and unclear. When I was younger, I associated getting older with feeling more in command, as each subsequent year was associated with new privileges to get used to.
A few years ago, I would pop onto a website called turntable.fm, where you could pick a cute little avatar to represent yourself in a room and choose to either be a DJ and play music for the room or just vibe as a listener. As a DJ, you could pick from songs from an existing catalog or upload your own, which made the service popular with DJs like Diplo. With each song, every person in the room had the option to vote on whether or not they liked the song, a form of instant feedback.
After growing up in a house with a lot of rules and spending little time outside of it, I found myself loving the idea of not having commitments. Without commitments, any chunk of time is for whatever I want. My whims can choose where the time goes. Not anyone else, except for me. Even as I work a full-time job, I wonder what it would be like to find a more autonomous gig, where I wouldn’t even be bound by location or 9-5 expectations.
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